About Vampire

Just in case you really want to know more about me... THE BASICS What is your name- Mango Height- 5'2" Weight- ....fat Best quality- My hair! Nickname- Err... Mango I guess? Eye Color- No idea. Haircolor- Whatever I choose to dye it. Age- 16 Birthdate- You'll never know. Current Location- Stalkers, this question is for you. PICK ONE night or day- Night sweet or sour- Coffee chocolate or vanilla- Neither beer or hard liquor- Champagne black or white- Black personality or looks- Personality cats or dogs- Dogs HAVE YOU EVER..... Been in love- I think so. drank until you blacked out- Hahahaha. No. Skipped school- Who hasn't? Drank alcohol- o.O Yes? smoked a cigarette- Yep. smoked weed- ...I don't trust the police. snuck out of the house- Haha. Yes. RANDOM QUESTIONS Whats the worst thing that has ever happened to you- My parents giving my dog away. What do you think happens when you die- God decides whether you go to Heaven or Hell. Do you believe in karma- To an extent. Believe in god- Yes. ..
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